Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dead Meat TV films in Lowcountry

Scott Leysath with rabbit and raccoon
Filming 'Dead Meat' TV in Walterboro
Hunting and Fishing television shows have become more and more mainstream with the advent of reality shows like Duck Dynasty. However, Chef Scott Leysath has been doing the Hunt, Fish, Cook television show for ten years already. With a new show, titled Dead Meat, set to debut on the Sportsman Channel, Leysath and his camera crew chose Walterboro as an appropriate setting to represent South Carolina’s hospitality and ample supply of game for hunting and cooking. I first met Scott Leysath when traveling to Little Rock, Arkansas in 2007 for a meeting of the SouthEastern Outdoor Press Association (SEOPA). He was cooking elk for a large group of outdoor media, but he was not too busy to speak with me about the duck hunting he enjoys back in his home state of California. As the Cooking Editor for Ducks Unlimited magazine, Leysath is well known to many waterfowl enthusiasts. With SEOPA meeting in Tennessee in 2012, Leysath asked me to advise him about possible scenarios for his Dead Meat show to film in South Carolina. The mission of his new show is to hunt, fish, trap and harvest animals that one normally might not think of eating. Hopefully after he applies his professional cooking talents to the meat, it is transformed into delicious table fare.

Jimmy, Scott and Jesse just before the rabbit hunt

I shot this squirrel when he was having breakfast!
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