Wednesday, September 6, 2017

September Dove and Canada Geese Hunting Checklist

2017 Labor Day doves / Drake Waterfowl
The first shots of the 2017 wingshooting season in South Carolina rang out on September 1 when the month-long early season for Canada geese started, quickly followed by the opening day of dove season on Saturday, September 2. The start of the college football season only adds to the annual tradition of getting back into the field with friends for hunting, fellowship and a meal. Being in possession of a valid hunting license isn’t enough to stay legal when hunting doves and geese, so here’s a helpful checklist concerning a change in bag limits and season dates.

Writing these words the day before my own 2017 opening day dove hunt on Labor Day, I can feel the anticipation that all dove hunters relish. Recalling that I earned a 12-dove limit on the same hunt last year, a new 15-bird limit is my new goal. A chicken perlot meal will be served but I need to bring enough water to stay hydrated out in the open and hot dove field. The doves fly differently each day depending on the wind and other conditions so your hunt plans may require some flexibility during the day, and its these type of adjustments that hunters find sporting.

The doves did not fly my way, but I held my ground and managed to pick off a few of the grey birds. But if every bird hunt resulted in an easy limit and doesn’t leave you scratching your head about what went wrong, then the passion for wingshooting just would not be the same. Other hunters did take their limits, but not everyone, and so we take this hunt experience and add it to the overall tally of days spent in the field - all blessed days.

Old dogs and new dogs alike enjoyed opening day
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