Thursday, August 30, 2018

Bird Hunting Seasons Set for 2018 – 2019

Labor Day Doves from 2017
with Drake Waterfowl Field Expert
Wingshooters know the time to oil the moving parts of their shotgun is just prior to the Labor Day weekend. A double dip of bird hunting season begin on September 1 for both doves and Canada geese. Dove hunts consist of a large group of hunters honoring one of the most social activities conducted in the field, while goose hunting often favors an opportunistic few. A current hunting license is required, and regulations define everything from shotgun shells to shooting times, in order to reach a legal bag limit.
Dove decoy and sunflowers 
Dove season begins on Saturday, September 1 and the first three days of the season only allows for afternoon shooting times. Between the season opener and the Labor Day holiday hunt on Monday, wingshooters will have ample opportunity to get the proverbial rust off of their aim. For those hosting a dove hunt, these hunts provide a time to provide food and refreshment for friends gathering for this time-honored bird hunting ritual.

Dove shooting hours from Sept. 1 – 3 are from noon until sunset, and from Sept. 4 – October 13 dove shooting hours are from one-half hour before sunrise until sunset. The cost of a resident hunting license for doves is just $12 but remember you must also request a free HIP permit regarding migratory birds in order to be legal. Using lead shotgun shells for doves is legal and the daily bag limit is set at 15 doves per hunter. Your hunting license must be in your possession in the field during the hunt.

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