Thursday, December 17, 2009

Beaufort River Trout Trip

The fishing with Captain Danny Rourk of Tailwind Charters was excellent in sunny and windy conditions on 12/16. Live mud minnows and a healthy mix of soft plastic baits all fished under popping corks was the winning combination. A GATOR trout was landed measuring 21.5 inches and weighing just over 4 pounds. The fish story of the day (and it's true) came when the big redfish parted the braided line when he surged under the boat - but he carried the cork with him - and after an hour of searching for the cork he was relocated. After a LUCKY cast to snag the tackle he was dragging we landed the fish, retrieved the cork and released him to fight another day!!!

PhotosByJeffDennis Capt. Rourk and I display some of the trout caught; was able to land the largest fish of the day in the form of a 25-inch redfish after an improbable fish tale

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