Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cordray's Taxidermy update

Kenneth Cordray of Cordray's Taxidermy is ramping up his production now that the deer season is near completion for Cordray's Venison Processing. Kenneth is mounting ducks, geese, bass and of course has the best-priced variety of deer mounts anywhere. Cordray's Taxidermy was commissioned with making my first ever European mount for the 10-point trophy I was able to harvest back on September 28. The skull is immersed in a de-greaser before being dried and mounted with a thru-bolt onto a handsome piece of wood. The skull-mount seemed to be a good compromise decision for me because while this was my first-ever 10-point buck, I already had some full mounts on the wall that are comparable to this 2009 harvest. I am hoping to bag a goose during waterfowl season so I can ask Kenneth to 'stuff' my first goose mount.

To read my blog entry about Cordray's beef sales click here.

PhotosByJeffDennis: Kenneth Cordray holds the European mount that he crafted for; just look at the oddball buck that one customer had Cordray's Taxidermy mount; Kenneth is now doing fish mounts, like this walleye!

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