Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bear Island WMA Waterfowl Draw Hunt

Would the Opening Day of duck season, cold weather and a draw hunt at Bear Island WMA be the Perfect Storm of waterfowling ingredients? Not so, as hunters found it difficult to fill their six-bird daily bag limit, but it did provide for an enjoyable dose of anticipation. Manager Ross Catterton told the hunters at the safety meeting to shoot early and often for the best chance to harvest a duck, and he was right about that as the shooting opportunities quickly dwindled after the pass shooting opportunities that came in the early-minutes. Of course their are other blessings that accompany a draw hunt such as fellowship with other hunters and the continuous stream of wildlife activity: like the bald eagles, white pelicans or even the deer that ran across the impoundment in front of the blind. Blue geese and Canada geese flew over but alas were too high for steel shot and thus no volley was offered - but my Foiles Migrators goose call 'honked' at every one of them.

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Photos By Jeff Dennis: Julian Clark & his dog Jen sit beside Jamye & Jamie Hurteau before the hunt; Two hunters show off the ducks they were able to harvest including a handsome redhead drake; a brace of widgeon and a double gun - just a taste of the sporting heritage found in our Lowcountry Outdoors

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