Thursday, March 16, 2017

Read Turkey Men and Get Ready for Turkey Season Opener

Published by Wild River Press
The 2017 wild turkey season in South Carolina will be the second year with the new regulations in effect that change the season opener date from March 15 to March 20. A reduction in the longtime bag limit of five turkeys per hunter down to three turkeys per hunter also remains in effect. Just in time for some inspirational reading about hunting wild turkeys, the Turkey Men book records how six veteran hunters attack turkey hunting, as they pursue their quarry throughout North America.

Turkey Men by Thomas Pero just published in February, and chronicles a lifetime of hunting adventures from six veteran outdoorsmen who have hunted all four species of turkey found in the United States. Lots of color photos provide common threads from all of these hunts that serve to educate the reader why some wild turkey hunts fail, and how to utilize certain tactics to increase your chances for hunting success. One of the Turkey Men featured is Rob Keck of Edgefield, South Carolina. This humble outdoor writer has heard Mr. Keck speak on several occasions, and even shared a hunt with him in the outdoors, and I can think of no better source for information on hunting the wild turkey.

“Turkeys can hang up for a number of reasons,” said Keck. “You’re calling. He’s strutting. He’s excited. He’s gobbling. He can’t figure out how to get there. I’ve lost so many birds to fences it’s unbelievable. I’ve also had some that get to a ditch and would not cross it, only to find out if I got to the other side he came right to me.” The better one knows the area you are hunting, the better your chance to make a move around the obstacle, and get that gobbler working back into your hunt plans.

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