Sunday, March 29, 2009

Forest Landowner Association goes to D.C.

The Atlanta-based Forest Landowner's Association (FLA) is hosting its members for their bi-annual Washington D.C. Fly-In Lobby Day on 3/30/09. The Spring Fly-In event begins today with a dinner meeting at the Old Evitt Grill in D.C. where FLA members will hear about which legislators they have appointments with, and which message is the most important they can deliver. A member visiting from South Carolina might meet with Representative Henry Brown or Senator Lindsay Graham, and if time permits they may also visit with legislators from neighboring states like N.C. and Ga. The day of Congressional meetings on Capital Hill is organized by FLA legislative liason Brendan Davis, and begins with breakfast at Charlie Clomer's restaurant. Fly-In participants will educate members of Congress on the importance of America's private forestland. Key issues to be discussed are the use of wood for renewable energy and the specific definition for "biomass", the elimnation of the death tax (or estate tax), the practice of common sense environmental standards like water regulation and the importation of Canadian lumber. If this sounds like an event you wanted to attend, then start making plans to attend the Fall FLA Fly-In in September 2009. 

May 27, 2009 will commence the National Forest Landowner's Conference in Amelia Island, Florida. For more information visit

Hunt Club Digest magazine is just one of the great benefits to being a member of the Forest Fandowner's Association.

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