Thursday, March 26, 2009

Turkey season - Reports

Warmer days trigger increased mating drive in male wild turkeys, and is hearing many reports of vigorous gobbling activity. Down in Jasper County one report claims anybody can go out in the woods and hear a gobble right now - but the bottom line still reads no gobblers harvested for that sportsman because he has not felt comfortable with a shot yet. A Dorchester County report goes like this, the hunter had the bird he wanted pinpointed in his roost, but the next day a jake was bagged when the boss gobbler proved too wary. A later report from this same source saw another turkey tag filled - but not the bird he was "after" - and that bird is making a @#$* name for himself. Finally, my own ears heard the sound of 100 gobbles before the anxious tom flew down from his roost, while other toms could be  heard bellowing throughout the woods. "Roosted ain't roasted" is the phrase that best fits what happened next..... but several days later the same tom was "diagnosed" with a lead poisoning problem from 26 paces. My photo shows the iridescence of wild turkey plumage. Good Luck hunting!

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