Monday, September 28, 2009

2009 Alligator Season - Lizard Fever grips S.C.

Just look at the image and you will see how Lizard Fever has taken hold - can you actually imagine inviting a 12-foot alligator into your john boat?
This crew from Rock Hill did just that back on opening day of gator season, and they have just one of the many gator reports that has received. Forget fishing, forget hunting doves and deer - angler/ hunters are after the Lizards. IN just the second season of legalized gator hunting, SCDNR has tapped an unknown market that generates plenty of income for local economies. Taxidermists and processors have likely received the biggest shot in the arm from the 'Leezard' stimulus, but the gator season is great for S.C. on so many levels. Most importantly it demonstrates to the general public that hunters can play a positive role that aids society, and it provides more opportunities to expose youth to the great outdoors.

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