Friday, September 11, 2009

2009 Shrimp season and Gator season - Opening Day

Those who bait our Lowcountry waters for shrimp may do so legally again at noon today (9/11) and they enjoy a shrimp-baiting season that is two months long. Boat ramps will be jammed today with shrimpers going out to enjoy one of the tasty shellfish that is found in our Lowcountry estuary. Deer season is already in, shrimp season too - so what's next? Gator season begins on 9/12/09 and Lowcountry hunters will sharpen their harpoons and detonate their bang sticks in hopes of slaying a large gator. This is the second year for gator hunting in S.C. and it's a great example of how our natural resources provide a stimulus for the local economy - taxidermy and processors get a real shot in the arm from gator season. Excitement abounds - but please remember to send reports of LARGE gators harvested to share with

Photo By Jeff Dennis: a 10-foot alligator that may be on someone's short list

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