Friday, October 8, 2010

Pelagic Gear at Sailfish Slam

The 4th annual Sailfish Slam out of the MegaDock Marina runs Oct. 6 - 9 with offshore enthusiasts competing for prize money based on which team releases the most sailfish. Fishing on Mt. Pleasant-based Lil' Bit on Friday October 8th with Captain Pete Loy, the crew managed to tag and release one sailfish, and had several other knock-downs. A cool start to the morning on the ocean gave way to a comfortable day of fishing with tournament rules calling for lines in at 8 a.m. and lines out at 3. Pelagic, the company that celebrates the offshore lifestyle, was well-represented among the crew, and their gear is designed for being out on the ocean and fishing, no matter what the conditions. For more info visit the Internet at, and to read their online publication visit

PhotosByJeffDennis: Checking the drag when lines are first deployed in the cool morning air is part of the sailfishing routine and can be made more comfortable by wearing high performance offshore gear like Pelagic's Hurricane Jacket; fighting gloves that are well-worn can be found on the Lil Bit; Mate Coy Myers readies the dredge rig and sports Pelagic's fish camo visor; the Grander Sandals by Pelagic are as comfortable as they are fashionable

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