Sunday, November 13, 2011

Middleton Hunt Club - buck report

A group of standers after the afternoon drive

Will Martin and his 7-point buck 

Standers deploy into the woodlands at Middleton 

James Driver shot this fine 8-point
The last three years at Middleton Hunt Club, the club members have been witness to a nice run of quality bucks, and the cold weather on Nov. 12 kept the good results coming. Wool clothing and waxed cotton jackets were needed to turn back the cold that came with the first frost of the year, and with leaves dropping from trees at record pace, the arrival of fall could not be denied. The horseman driving the deer hounds brought a hail of Wooop, Heeaw and Holler to the woods and the BIG bucks jumped up and scattered, offering a sporting shot to a lucky few standers that were on alert status. The teamwork on the morning drive yielded three bucks and one doe, but also a big miss was recorded when a huge buck ran by one stander. Both the deer driver and a past huntmaster who witnessed the buck were in awe of its massive rack and offered high praise for the trophy buck that bounded out of the drive and back into the lore of the MHC woods. A Lowcountry lunch was followed by an afternoon drive that brought another doe to the cleaning station and another report of a big miss on a big buck. Another great day in the field came to a close at MHC and the sporting stories will continue for its members into the holiday hunting season.

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  1. Jeff, a fine recollection of a wonderful day in the field. My thanks to Mr Waring for inviting me and to the members of MHC for their kind hospitality.

    Bryan Hunter

  2. Thanks for the positive remarks.
    I hope that we will hunt together another day in the future.

  3. I'd consider it an honor Jeff.

    Bryan Hunter


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