Friday, November 29, 2013

Camp Chef outdoor cooking system and Thanksgiving

Camp Chef griddle with rope sausage, burgers and dogs
Camp Chef cooking with family for Thanksgiving
Outdoorsmen love to cook the wild game that they pursue and harvest. In many cases they need the option to cook while still in the field, and the Camp Chef two-burner stove sets the table for a wide variety of options. In the case of Thanksgiving, what better time to keep the Camp Chef stove close to home to cook up the doves and venison, and the burgers and the hotdogs too. The grill box gives one the option of keeping an eye on the exact cooking temperature, while the cast iron griddle allows the 'short order cook' option - if it fits on the grill then it's good to go! Each unit from Camp Chef comes with a carrying case as an option, which really helps with camping travel, or trips between hunt camps. Remember, those who cook wild game are often welcome in all sorts of nice places. I can relay that the Camp Chef stove is easy to assemble, and that cooking with it is easy. Remember to spray the grill with some non-stick spray to improve the access to flipping meat, and the griddle will need scraping right after the cooking is complete before the byproduct juices become hardened. A few recipes that are associated with Thanksgiving are available on the Camp Chef website like Smoked butternut squash and Smoked yams with cilantro.

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The pieces come together for outdoor cooking

Carry case bags for each individual piece

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