Monday, March 24, 2014

White Wing Label - Camo Gun Case and No Leak Soft Side Cooler

New White Wing Label shotgun case, blends right in with my
old Herter's down coat and 10X dove vest
Road trip boots and shotgun case in Highlander
Whether traveling for work, or just taking care of business at home, those of us who appreciate the outdoors want quality gear that is good looking too. White Wing Label bags out of Texas came across my radar at a local trade show and I came to know about their Made in the U.S.A. mantra. Two brothers created this merchandise label, and learned along the way about the perseverance it takes to succeed. For use in the field they sell a game belt, pistol case, dog collar and more but I started with a shotgun case. There is nothing regular about this case made with handy and attractive leather handles, including one zipper pocket for a hunting license. The dimensions are 52-inches long by 7-inches wide and it holds my Wingmaster shotgun perfectly. I chose the vintage duck camo pattern with smoke trim, and customers can pick a variety of cloth and trim colors for the gun case and for all of the White Wing Label products.

My old Orvis battenkill briefcase may need replacing one day, but for now I decided to go with what they simply call a 'Cooler.' You can stop right there, and let me add that his is simply the finest looking soft side cooler
White Wing Label cooler bag in tow at Barnsley Plantation Resort
I have encountered, and it comes with your last name embossed in leather on the top of the bag. My cooler is in forest color with smoke trim and furthermore, this is the first soft-side cooler I have owned that DOES NOT LEAK. Using a thick cut of 22-ounce vinyl as a liner it handled my demands for three consecutive days, and it did it with no sweat. As I emptied the melted ice each day to replenish the supply on my wild turkey meat, I simply emptied the cooler by turning it to the side. If the water contents are bloody, you want to take care not to spill it on the exterior of the cooler. Also, when storing after use, the thick liner has some folds in it that need to be blotted and then air-dried. It looks like their wine tote might be the perfect companion for the cooler, and a leather key fob with your initials embossed on it looks sharp. Don't overlook the high-quality products of White Wing Label, because Texas isn't too far to go when looking for the 'right stuff.'

I found that the breast meat from my Gerogia turkey,
fit perfectly in the soft side cooler that DID NOT LEAK

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