Sunday, March 16, 2014

Tony Chachere adds spice to Turkey Season Supper

Chef Jeff stirs the pot with Tony Chachere
Crawfish Etoufee that was made ALL DAY
Opening Day of turkey season means plenty to residents of the S.C. Lowcountry, but others come from  neighboring states to enjoy our early season start, liberal bag limit and southern hospitality too. Rusty Kinard of Lodge plays host to this annual turkey season opening supper and enlists the help of his celebrity friends to begin another year of success for the Salkehatchie Longbeards. Pro Caller Steve Cob gave out mouth calls to all the youth, and industry rep Mark McBride of N.C. shared his knowledge of hunting optics, and Tony Chachere drove over from Louisiana to cook up a creole supper for everyone. Of course, they all will be spending plenty of time in the turkey woods too. Chachere's creole cooking team stirred the crawfish etoufee all day long to make sure it was just right by the 7 p.m. dinner hour and it was served with dirty rice, cajun green beans and a steak. This food was so good there was a line to take home a taste of the leftovers! Tony told me that his grandfather was a legendary game chef back home in the Chafalaya Basin and was known simple as 'The Old Master' - and was the inaugural inductee into the La. Chef's Hall of Fame before his passing. Tony also shared that he has duck hunted all his life and really enjoys bass fishing now, but that his love for all of the outdoors is what makes him glad to visit the S.C. Lowcountry again and again. We certainly wish Tony well as he carries on his family's legacy of Making Everything Taste Great!
Rusty Kinard, Steve Cobb and  Russ Kinard,
with Tony Chachere and Mark McBride

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The motherlode of cajun seasoning

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