Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Lowcountry Saltwater Fishing Report - 4/1/2014

Fishing Report for the Coastal Lowcountry of South Carolina:
Conservationists practice Tag and Release fishing
Charleston Inshore: Scott Hammond at Haddrell's Point West dares to compare this spring with his past recollections and judges by the pollen count alone we have entered a time when the saltwater fishing begins to ramp up! First, the redfish break out of their large winter schools and scatter out in smaller pods of fish, often defined by their size. Meaning, the smaller fish go their way, and the larger fish stick together and head to another location, and they are all seeking structure for the promise of food, but also for safety from marauding dolphins. Trout reports have gradually been on the way up, but that's up from rock bottom, with maybe 5 to 10-specks per trip now. The silver lining is that a few 18 to 22-inch trout have ben in the bag - and with any luck we'll have some Gator Trout to report soon. Flounder reports will remain scattered until the water temp is consistently about 65-degrees, but they will be staging at the inlets waiting for the time to push back into their inshore haunts. Scott is excited about the new Live Target shrimp and Yo-Zuri topwater baits he just got in, so be sure to stop by and ask him about fishing and / or turkey season too. For all the latest seminar information visit the Internet at Haddrell's Point.

Beaufort Inshore: Craig at Buck, Bass and Beyond states that the redfish bite is holding steady along the mud flats and in the tidal creeks. Use mud minnows under a popping cork or on a Carolina rig. Some fish are being caught on plastics like the Zman halo graphic shrimp, saltwater assassin gray ghost and D.O.A. Cal lures in natural colors. The trout are really scarce but a few have been spotted next to deep drop-offs. Only a few flounder are being caught, and most of those are 'by accident.' Craig went with Nathan and Griff on a bow-fishing expedition and can report lights-out shooting that enabled them to limit out on redfish using a Parker crossbow in the 35-pound range. Visit Craig at their indoor archery range in the shop and ask about how to get started in the great sport of bowfishng. For more store information visit Buck, Bass and Beyond.

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Offshore: Craig begins with the black sea bass and sheepshead bite staying hot nearshore, with a few flounder mixed in. Use a Carolina rig baited with oysters, clams or fiddlers. A pro tip is that the main reef structure may not hold all the fish, so remember to fish some satellite pieces too where there has been less fishing pressure. In the bluewater, wahoo are a lock when you can find some 70-degree water temps. Word has it that the wahoo, blackfin tuna, amberjack and bonita can be found on the triple ledge - and an early bird mahi was mixed in with a weedline was. For wahoo, speed-troll a red and black lure, for tuna fish WAY back especially early in the morning, and for reef donkey's just hold on for dear life! The man in the blue suit may make his appearance soon as well - but until then drop a line down for vermillion snapper or triggerfish, since they are both hungry for some squid.

Scott says that YEP it's finally that time, and that trolling reports are on the up-swing with solid reports of blackfin tuna and wahoo coming in from the ledge, especially along the southwest banks and outcrop areas. Cedar plugs and small skirted ballyhoo are your No Fail baits for blackfin, especially when fished 100 to 200-yards behind the boat. Some wahoo will hit this same spread, but switch to high-speed trolling for larger HOO at the ledge using Black Bart Sal Candy lures, Braid speedsters and Iland lures. Scott has ballyhoo by Bionic, Baitmasters and Teaser brand at the ready.

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