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Lowcountry Saltwater Fishing Report - 4/15/2014

Fishing Report for the Coastal Lowcountry of South Carolina:
Emma and Capers Cauthen with an April red snapper release
while fishing with William Dotterer on the Dog House II
Inshore Report: Shane Clevenger at The Charleston Angler in West Ashley reports that the fishing is getting better and better as the water temps reach the upper  60’s. The redfish are beginning to break apart from the larger schools and a few  have already been caught tailing on the flats. We’ve had great Sheepshead reports from guys catching them around structure and docks using fiddler crabs for bait. Setting the hook on a sheepshead is a little  different than most other fish. When you feel the nibble, gently pull up on the rod  tip until the line goes tight and you’re good to go. Target trout at small creek mouths using a Deadly Combo from DOA Lures, and don't forget to ring that dinner bell. For all the latest seminar information visit the Internet at Charleston Angler.

100-Pound Wahoo boated April 11 link
Robert Garmany at Haddrell's Point West said water temps are steadily on the rise and into the mid 60’s now, and along with that the inshore bite is also on the rise. Trout reports continue to get better and better, with even some people starting to pick up quality trout throwing top water baits such as the brand new yo-zuri 3D pencil baits and Heddon’s chug-n-spook. After the early morning topwater bite a vudu shrimp or live target shrimp fished under a popping float has been deadly on the trout in 5-6ft of water. Reds are breaking out of their large winter schools and being found along structure as well as on the flats, and while a chunk of cut mullet is always a go-to for the reds, the new savage gear shrimp and Zman ultra shrimp have also been deadly for those throwing artificials. Sheepshead reports continue to be strong at our nearshore reefs as well as along bridge pilings inshore using fiddlers and clam strips. Another sure sign that spring is kicking into high gear is the flounder reports starting to come in. Target your flounder during spring around the lowcountry’s many inlets as they begin moving in from offshore into our inshore estuaries. For all the latest seminar information visit the Internet at Haddrell's Point.

Offshore Report: Garmany reports that spring time typically has offshore fisherman giddy with excitement as the season begins to kick off and they wait for the first few good reports come in before they fuel up and make the journey out. Well wait no longer as we have already had some solid reports of dolphin coming in from 400-1200ft of water, blackfin tuna holding in 130-200ft, and some STUD wahoo coming in from the ledge recently. If you have never tried it, be sure to carry some surface chuggers and vertical jigs out for the blackfins. When the blackfin are feeding on top there is nothing more exciting than watching a 30# tuna explode on a surface plug, and when they sound later in the day vertical jigs become deadly when you can mark the fish 100ft below the surface.  In addition to the trolling, many have been doing some bottom dropping on the way home and reporting back great catches of large sea bass and triggers.

Shane says it’s still early, but we’re already getting great reports. Capt. Trey  Kemmerlin from our West Ashley shop, went about 60 miles out to the ledge this  past weekend and did some damage on the Wahoo, Mahi and Tuna. Trey says to push out  further looking for temperature breaks and weedlines and make sure to drag those  smaller baits far behind the boat for your best shot at hooking up. Make sure to use  wire leader for Wahoo so they don’t cut through the line, while Flouro leader is best for  Tuna.

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