Sunday, May 11, 2014

2014 Offshore Fishing Tournament Calendar

Tourney Fishin' Pics and article in All At Sea magazine
Offshore Fishing Tournament Time is Now! Here is a Tourney Calendar for the Southeastern US that I compiled and published in All At Sea magazine. I enjoy attending these competitions when able and have done my best to list some of the top tier tourneys that I am aware of.

In most cases, the bait and the pelagic species of gamefish that consume them begin to stir in May and stay active all summer long. Participation in billfishing tournaments are a great way to get recreational anglers involved in the offshore game. What better way to test your metal than loading up a sportfisher boat with fishing gear and fishing friends in order to pursue a blue marlin on the open ocean.
Here's the tourney list on a .jpg
While some billfish tournaments are steeped in rich tradition such as this year’s 47th Annual Blue Marlin Tournament in Georgetown, South Carolina. Others have a more modern face with the best possible website and entertainment value such as the Blue Marlin Grand Championship in Alabama. 

Cover of the May 2014 issue
These friendly competitions do turn serious when the big money is on the line, but for the most part everyone is competing for the right to hoist a burgee flag once back in port. The upside down representation of a billfish signals that a billfish was hooked up, handled and released on that day, and it generally takes multiple flags to indicate the kind of success that might lead to a tourney WIN.

To view the Offshore Tournament Calendar click on All At Sea.

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