Wednesday, June 18, 2014

60 Years at Edisto Beach for Atwood Vacations

Seashells and Atwood Vacartions make a good combo at Edisto
Choosing where to take a beach vacation can be an exciting time for families wanting to spend a week within earshot of the Atlantic Ocean. For those choosing to visit Edisto Beach, Atwood Vacations has been one of the home rental services available. Perhaps they have stayed in business for 60 years since they understand that for many, Edisto Beach is beyond compare.

The Atwood Vacations office remains located on Highway 174 as it winds towards the beach, and has become a landmark that is easy to find. Walterboro native John Hamilton purchased Atwood Vacations just three years ago, and is glad to share that he has been spending time on Edisto since his early days as a youth.

“Families have stayed with Atwood Vacations for generations now, and we’ll continue to offer the quality of service that these folks have come to expect,” said Hamilton. “We are celebrating 60 years of service in 2014, and we continue to evolve by offering a user friendly website for our guests to utilize on the Internet.

John Hamilton in rocker mode in front of Atwood Office
“We also offer a smart phone app called MyEdisto which is available to everyone with an interest in Edisto,” said Hamilton. “A special portal for guests allows access to specific details about their rental, and they can choose to receive notifications about local activities. Of course, customers can still simply stop by the office where the front desk staff is eager to be of assistance.” On the Internet visit and to read the 2014 edition of Explore Edisto magazine click here.

Atwood Vacations knows that Edisto Beach is the first choice for Colletonians, and for others from neighboring counties too. But people come from all over the Eastern U.S. to visit and Hamilton shares that all these vacationers have something in common. “They all basically use I-95 and then come through Walterboro, to access Highway 64 and from that point on they begin to experience the charm of the Lowcountry that is such a big part of Edisto,” said Hamilton.

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