Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Kayak Access Ramp at Northbridge Park on Ashley River

Kayak anglers take turns coming to the dock
You hear it more and more, where can recreational anglers and boaters access the waterways of the Lowcountry? Existing boat ramps are jammed up most times, and S.C. has a lot of room to improve when it comes to these access points. On May 27 the City of Charleston stepped up by opening the new Northbirdge Park, with a new fishing pier and kayak access ramp on a floating dock. Located at the base of the Northbridge on the Ashley River, this 3-acre spit of land has long been utilized for crabbing from the bank by locals, but now a parking lot and facilities like picnic tables have transformed this area. On my June 3 visit, their were plenty of anglers on the pier, and in kayaks, all trying their luck at fishing. I tried the new kayak access ramp and found its design to be easy to use. There are two small steps down from the floating dock into the launch area, and paddlers can stage their  craft here and check gear before they launch. The Ashley River is WIDE here and the places to paddle to are numerous. The pier also offers some park bench seating and is sure to become a fan favorite just for being near the water on days when the weather is right. With the increase in the popularity of fishing from kayaks, this is a good news and hopefully a good example on providing access.

Welcome to Northbridge Park
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The short fishing pier is already seeing some action

Picnic area overlooking the Ashley River

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