Wednesday, May 6, 2015

2015 Colleton Soil and Water Conservation District Awards

2015 poster and essay contest theme 

Guest speaker and NRCS wildlife biologist Sudie Daves Thomas came from St. Matthews on April 28 in order to give a fascinating lecture on the current initiatives to promote and protect pollinators. “The 2006 status of the pollinators report in North America called attention to the decline of pollinators,” said Thomas. “Then the 2008 Farm Bill addressed the Colony Collapse Disorder with conservation programs that are still in effect.”
Felisha Hodge won the 8th grade essay contest
“Insects drive the ecosystem to pollinate flowers, fruits, etc,” said Thomas. “Insects are also a food source for many birds, and bobwhite quail chics eat a diet of nearly 90-percent bugs. The NRCS is also aware that the monarch butterfly population is also in steep decline, and is raising awareness about factors like habitat loss, land fragmentation and pesticide use.”
I.M. Benton with Conservationist of the Year
Correy Fore; black angus cattle producer
This year’s poster and essay contest theme is “Local Heroes – Your Hardworking Pollinators.” The poster contest is for students in K-5 and the essay contest is for students in grades 6, 7 and 8. Students attending public, private and home schools in Colleton County were invited to participate. The handmade posters depicted bees on flowers and plus other pollinators like butterflies and moths, while the stack of submitted essays talked about the environment as the students view it.

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2015 Program cover

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