Sunday, May 31, 2015

Costa brings Blue Mirror to lightweight 580P lenses

Costa 580P blue mirrors on the water
580P on lense
For those bluewater saltwater fisherman who preferred the blue mirror lenses on Costa sunglasses, the only option was to get those lenses made of glass. Glass was a bit more expensive, but the blue tint seemed to be the best fit for long days spent on the water. Coming into 2015 Costa was able to bring the blue mirror tint to its heralded 580P (plastic) lenses that bring the advantage of being lightweight. Less weight on the bridge of one's nose means less time putting the glasses back into place after they slide wither due to sweat and sunscreen.

Costa lifestyle fits this angler very well
Profile shot of Fantails
I tried the 580P blue mirror lenses on tortoise Fantail frames and found this new combo from Costa to  bring a good fit for my average or medium face size. This style is akin to the Blacken frames and it comes with heavy duty TR-90 nylon frames, and it also includes a classic Costa hard case with zipper. The plastic lenses are also more impact resistant than glass lenses, and the switch to plastic is just as rewarding as when the first 580P lenses came out a few years ago in basic tints only. This is just another example where the Costa company, founded by fishermen, is staying at the vanguard of the saltwater sunglasses market.

I can also relate that the Fantail frames form a nearly air-tight fit on one's face, and when recently riding through Winyah Bay near Georgetown with Capt. Mike McDonald these glasses performed well. The 580 lenses block yellow light, and the 580 mirror lenses block light at a slightly higher transmission rate than non-mirror lenses, providing the best protection from the sun's damaging glare from above and from off the water reflections.

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