Tuesday, September 15, 2015

2015 Doe Deer Season - Opening Day

Scott Hammond harvests a doe with a bow in S.C.
In South Carolina, the traditional start date for the doe deer season is September 15. Fewer deer equals a healthier deer herd and the harvest of does is an equal part of that management objective. Read the SCDNR report for the latest info heading into the 2015 hunting season.

It states - "South Carolina's deer herd is in good condition, and after many years of rapid population growth the herd stabilized in the mid-1990s followed by a decreasing trend since about 2002. Statewide population estimates put the deer herd at about 730,000 animals with an estimated harvest of approximately 215,000 each of the last few years. Although the total deer harvest in South Carolina has trended down, indications from the antler records program are that deer quality remains good. This would make sense because fewer deer in the population would benefit from increased nutrition."

What's new for 2015 is that a locally-owned sporting goods store in Charleston is issuing a challenge to those who hunt with archery equipment. Visit Haddrell's Point to learn more about the photo contest that runs between September 15 and October 16, for hunters that harvest a doe with a bow during that time. All hunters must have an SCDNR doe tag in order to legally harvest a doe in S.C., to put some venison in the freezer, or perhaps to donate to Hunters Feeding the Hungry.

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