Wednesday, September 16, 2015

2015 Gator Hunting and Shrimp Baiting - Opening Day

Gators must be tagged and reported with an SCDNR permit
For those who enjoy visiting the outdoors in a boat, the coastal waterways offer plenty of wild game to try and gather together. The term Hunter Gatherers came from our ancestors that lived off the land by utilizing all natural resources which included everything from berries and oysters to fowl and fish. Residents along the coastal plain in South Carolina can stay in touch with the same sentiment by hunting alligators or by casting a net for shrimp.

For those with a lottery tag to fill, the 2015 Alligator Hunting Season began on Saturday September 12 and runs until Saturday October 10. The SCDNR places Colleton county in the Southern Coastal alligator management unit, and there are three other units along the entire coastal plain in the state. Those who pursue a gator must have a valid hunting license, and a harvest tag in their possession, but a big game permit is not required. 

The bait shrimping season got underway on Friday September 11 at noon and will run for 60 days until Nov. 10. A shrimp baiting license from SCDNR is required for all recreational shrimpers casting their nets this fall. Reports from opening weekend reveal good numbers of shrimp, but with a wide variation in size from small to jumbo. The SCDNR reports that a good spawn in spring and normal rainfall thus far should equal a good chance for success. 

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