Thursday, December 8, 2016

2016 Christmas Wish List - Plano Hunting Stool

When it comes to what outdoor enthusiasts want for Christmas, don’t overlook the simple stuff. The cost of ammunition isn’t a trifle anymore, so a few boxes of shotgun shells are a great gift to share. The winter season doesn’t last long in the Lowcountry, but an extra pair of gloves can sometimes make the difference between comfort and misery. Niche items like duck call lanyards and canine accessories can round out the short list for useful presents to go under the tree.

Part ammo box and part hunting stool
When it comes to the basics, it is hard to beat a hunting stool, so one can take a seat when the shooting slows down. New for 2016 is the 1812 Hunting Stool by Plano, which combines their popular storage box with a cushion on top and several outer pockets to keep water and hearing protection in easy reach. A padded shoulder strap makes it easy to transport and the Mossy Oak camo pattern helps it to blend in once in the field.

A list of modern gear is always worth checking twice, but vintage outdoor gear or artwork can offer something more that harkens back to yesteryear. Antique stores can yield old canvas treasures like ditty bags, raincoats and well-worn caps at a fair price. Older gamebird scenes on plates, paintings or even wood etchings may provide a spark of imagination that keeps a hunter on schedule to head into the field on weekends, and thus making time for the outdoor moments that will resonate for as long as they can be recalled and relived.

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