Thursday, December 29, 2016

Quail Season Hunt Tips and CRP incentive

Temps in the 30's are ideal for upland hunts
A few quail for the iron skillet
Whether hunting private lands for bobwhite quail, or visiting a shooting preserve, the quail hunt know how is similar. Starting where your shoe leather meets the earth is a good place to have multiple options for upland hunting. I have a pair of lightweight hiking boots that are specifically for quail season, and when I have them on it just feels right. However, I choose to modify my footwear based on conditions, and while waterproof snakeboots aren’t nearly as comfortable for woods walking they are prudent when hunting during any warm spell of weather.
English Pointer in action

While quail hunting is not a social occasion on the scale of a dove hunt, it does offer outdoor recreation for even non-hunting participants. Some folks like to walk along with the group simply to observe the bird dogs at work, since canine interaction in the field is so special to view. Others may want to make some photographs of the dogs, their favorite hunters, or any other memorable encounters in the natural world. Socializing more people to quail hunting is always a winning proposition.

Wingshooter and bobwhites in flight
For those that are enrolled in the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) to plant pine trees, a new incentive was just announced on December 9 to improve that same habitat to benefit bobwhite quail for future hunting. The USDA CRP tree thinning incentive will pay $150 pre acre on top of revenue from any timber harvest for those already enrolled in the program. Michael Hook is the small game program leader with the SCDNR, and a part of the S.C. Bobwhite Initiative.

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