Friday, March 24, 2017

Augusta Canal Tour - National Heritage Area

Paddling is a popular pursuit on the Augusta Canal - Woof Woof!!
Revitalized Mills are a growing part of the canal tour
Kingfisher flying by - woosh!
Tourism is booming in Augusta these days, and going for a boat ride during an Augusta Canal Tour offers a close-up view of not only the old mill area, but the sprawling greenway and bike trail options. While the canal is not very wide, it is a wildlife magnet and I can report sightings of an otter, kingfisher, and turtle along with many kayakers on the water enjoying the gentle flow found in the Augusta Canal. I was surprised to learn that the technology revolution is now driving renovation at some of the old mills along the canal route, bringing economic revitalization.

To learn more about Augusta click on Forest Hills Golf - Frog Hollow Tavern - The Partridge Inn

Tour boats are low-rise to fit under the canal bridges!

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