Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Frog Hollow Tavern - Augusta

Scallops with chipped pecans
Marinated Lamb, potato casserole and asparagus
With the recent prosperity from tourism now joining forces with the long-term success of The Masters, Augusta is enjoying the benefits of fine dining. Dinner at The Frog Hollow Tavern downtown at 1282 Broad Street begins with checking in at the hostess station and then taking a seat in a waiting area. Once seated at a table with a view of the sidewalk traffic outside, my server informed me of the special James River Valley oysters from Chesapeake Bay. While I did not choose this option, I knew from being a lifelong oyster connoisseur that this was not your ordinary oyster offering. Instead I chose scallops which were cooked to tender perfection and the butternut squash puree was easy to sop up.

Ready for a hearty supper after a long day outdoors
Going with the “Farm to Table” option included lamb chops with Yonce asparagus and goat cheese potato casserole. The presentation was impressive and the portion of food was equivalent to what a hungry customer would eat. The lamb was dark on one side and pink on the other, and this meat cut easy with a steak knife. The gouda mac and cheese side order was very filling, and I was glad to wash it down with a glass of their House Malbec wine from Mendoza, Argentina.

Could not have said it better!
At the end of my meal I tried the crème brûlée dessert, which was big enough for two. Owner and chef Sean Wight stopped by my table to ask how the meal went and I replied that either I was more hungry than I thought, or everything I tasted was savory because there wasn't much food left. As I exited the restaurant there was not an open table in sight, and parking on Broad Street was packed. And just imagine all the activity the week of the Masters in April, when the epicenter for legendary golf amid southern splendor brings downtown Augusta dining into full bloom.

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