Thursday, May 10, 2018

Beginning Farmer Program Regional Workshop / Marion Barnes

You need food, water and cover 
The Clemson University Extension Service administers the South Carolina New and Beginning Farmer Program. In August of 2016 Clemson University and their Department of Agribusiness received a grant of $595,000 from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to nurture the next generation of S.C. farmers. A part of their outreach program provides regional workshops, and the Colleton County Clemson Extension Office hosted a talk by Marion Barnes on pasture grass, hay production and developing wildlife plots.

Watch out for these pest critters
Clemson Extension’s Alta Mae Marvin introduced Marion Barnes as a Senior County Extension Agent, with long term tenure in Colleton County, distinguished by his knowledge on row crop farming, forages for livestock, and wildlife food plots. “If your hay field could talk it would tell you to get a soil sample test from the Clemson Extension,” said Barnes. “Each soil test is the best $6 value you can get today, and then you will know what elements to monitor in your pasture, hay field or food plots.”

Switching gears to the subject of wildlife food plots, Barnes shares that a multi-year management plan should be produced. “Do you want to attract game or non-game species,” said Barnes. “Wildlife habitat components include acreage, food, water and cover. We have a lot of small farm landowners in Colleton County so adjacent property habitats may influence wildlife use on your property. Keep some flexibility in your management plan since wildlife patterns can fluctuate.”

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