Thursday, November 8, 2018

2018 ACE Basin Waterfowl Workshop at Nemours

Dr. Ernie Wiggers and Dr.Rick Kaminski
The Nemours Wildlife Foundation is located at the corner of Highway 17 and the Combahee River. The Ashepoo River, Combahee River and Edisto River and their associated tidal marshlands are known as the ACE Basin and are a hub for waterfowl migration. The top scientific minds regarding waterfowl biology and those that are laboring on the land to prepare duck habitat came together on October 30 at Nemours to listen and to learn. Everything from Carolina Gold rice to Chiwapa millet is being planted to welcome this year’s waterfowl migration, and long term studies are underway to record their needs in winter and beyond.

Dr. Rick Kaminski is the head of the Kennedy Waterfowl and Wetlands Centers out of Clemson University.  “Ducks need a mix of agricultural seeds and natural forage also,” said Kaminski. “Don’t go with all of one type or the other, since agricultural seeds decompose over time, and other natural food sources can be just as valuable. I think ducks would like to see a hemi-marsh where a combination of management practices are employed to open up access. Mowing in Fall or burning off blocks of your impoundment are proven methods to achieve the look of a hemi-marsh.”

Lowcountry duck pond ready for hunting season
Attendees at the ACE Basin Waterfowl Workshop
Dr. Ernie Wiggers is the Director of Nemours Wildlife Foundation and he shared a report from the Southeastern Region Applied Waterfowl Research stating that a new focus on wood ducks is underway. “For almost all the Southeastern states the wood duck is pretty much our most abundant duck and our best chance at having a successful hunt,” said Wiggers. “We have a daily limit of three wood ducks per hunter, but we don’t have a lot of information about their sustainability.”

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