Wednesday, November 19, 2014

2014 Duck Season Opening Day is Nov. 22

A waterfowler wades out to pass shoot wood ducks at dawn

Does the thought of early rising for waterfowl season make for a better state of mind? You bet. The sunrise scenery around the waterfowling areas of the Lowcountry are hard to beat. Cold fingers look to be in the forecast for opening day, but duck hunters wouldn’t have it any other way. With record duck populations this year and cold winter air already affecting the northern states, this could be a memorable season for Lowcountry waterfowlers.
Of course not everyone is willing to forego extra hours of sleep time and head out into the cold in hopes of merely glimpsing some ducks. One local recently told me that the best part about duck hunting season is the annual Ducks Unlimited banquet, and not the hunting at all. Well everyone has an opinion about duck season, but duck hunters just always seem to be avid about their time spent in the outdoors.
Welcoming Paul Schmidt to the Lowcountry on Nov. 2
According to the 2014 Waterfowl Breeding Survey duck numbers surged upward to the tune of an 8-percent increase over the past year. This continues a three-year trend where ample rainfall at the breeding grounds have played a positive role for population increases. This is the 60th year of the survey that is a partnership between the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Canadian Wildlife Service.
Paul Schmidt is the Chief Conservation Officer for Ducks Unlimited and he was in the Lowcountry on November 2 for the 25th anniversary of the ACE Basin. “We are encouraged by the population trends of several duck species, especially American wigeon, which have come back strong during the past two years,” said Schmidt. “Particularly encouraging is the entire suite of birds that are showing good signs due to available wetlands and the upland habitat to rear their young.”

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