Friday, November 21, 2014

2014 Bald Head Island - Surf Fishing

Fresh caught red drum out the N.C. surf zone

The southeast coast of Brunswick County, North Carolina includes several barrier islands such as Topsail Island, Holden Beach and Oak Island. But anglers can stack the deck in their favor by heading to Bald Head Island since it juts out into the Atlantic Ocean. Fishing further out means a greater variety of species can be encountered like flounder, jacks and mackerel.
There are several unique factors in play at Bald Head Island besides the logistics of a ferry ride from Southport. Only golf carts are allowed on the island, and they have a rental fleet of carts ready to go. The island is in the shape of a triangle and is uniquely situated with its main beachfront facing south. The West beach faces the Cape Fear River and the East beach extends out into the Frying Pan Shoals.
It takes teamwork to play and land larger red drum in the surf
This triangular formation means that no matter which direction the sea island breezes are bowing there will always be a protected section of beach to fish from. The shoals at the point where East Beach meets South Beach offer rough water fishing for bluefish that blitz through the surf zone during their annual October bluefish bonanza tournament.
The West beach tempts anglers to cast towards the Cape Fear River and fish for red drum along the drop offs that are a characteristic of this section of beach. A valid N.C. fishing license and some cut bait are part of the surf fishing essentials along with surf spikes and a tackle box filled with lead sinkers and fishing hooks. Slot limits apply for red drum and it’s easy to practice catch and release after skidding a bronzy redfish up onto the beach. 

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