Thursday, September 15, 2011

2011 Teal Season / Doe Season - Opening Day

Brett Baker of DU is always ready for teal hunting
The date of September 15 means that doe deer are now in season until the conclusion of deer season on January 1, 2012. This gives more opportunity to deer hunters to harvest some venison for the family supper table. Deer Processors are set to go into high gear with the start of doe season, as hunter activity and success both increase with doe harvests.

The early teal season runs September 15 through September 30 and the daily bag limit is four teal per hunter. The legal to shoot hours run from sunrise until sunset during teal season, and both blue-winged and green-winged teal are in season. Remember to have your hunting license, HIP permit, state waterfowl permit and federal duck stamp in order to be legal. Non-toxic shot such as steel, bismuth or tungsten is required when waterfowl hunting.

Jeff shows off his GWT to friend Jim Clark

James Rembert appreciates an early season doe

Scouting is essential during the early season because the lack of other migratory ducks in the area makes the teal stay in only a few trusted locations. If a hunter sets up his decoys away from one of the locations being used by the teal, it could be a futile outing. Teal are small so try to use teal decoys or wood duck decoys to attract them, and a Mojo Teal motorized decoy with spinning wings is also a smart move.

For a past blog entry on the 2010 opener for teal and doe season click here.

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