Thursday, September 1, 2011

July / August 2011 - Birding Journal Observations

Rainfall patterns continue to be a major theme for my summertime birding observations, with the most powerful attractant being the bird bath. The very dry conditions were briefly interrupted by 6 inches of rain during the last week of July, and then 5.2-inches in the rain gauge during the first two weeks of August. With no measurable rain since mid-August my bird bath has again become the center of activity for birds wanting to come for a cool drink or maybe even for a splashy bird bath. A perfect example of this is the female summer tanager, normally reclusive in the woodlands, coming to join other birds in the yard. Observations for July include blue grosbeak, red-headed woodpecker, cardinal, dove, brown-headed cowbird, bluejay, tufted titmouse, carolina chickadee, red-bellied woodpecker, Indigo bunting, yellow-billed cuckoo, downy woodpecker, brown thrasher, pileated woodpecker, hairy woodpecker, ruby-throated hummingbird, female American Redstart (Aug. 24), white-breasted nuthatch, female summer tanager and mocking bird.

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PhotoByEddieMills: Jeff with a mottled duck hen that was banded with a federal leg band on Aug. 20 in the ACE Basin

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