Sunday, September 25, 2011

Deux Cheneaux Dove Hunt

Julian Byrne is an apprentice in the Lowcountry Outdoors

Jim Minor and granddaughters love to hunt doves

Biscuit counts on his owner to shoot down birds to retrieve

Tyler, Lori and Chad in the dove field
A rainy, wet and humid week was capped off with a rainy dove hunt on Saturday afternoon at Deux Cheneaux Plantation. Friends, family and youth took up stations surrounding the sunflower field complete with dove decoys on a powerline to aid in attracting the grey gamebirds. Have you ever been in a dove field in September when a cloud passed over and provides a downpour? Veteran hunters most certainly have, and they know that doves can begin to pour into the field just as soon as the rain cloud passes. Saturday afternoon was no different as I picked up three doves after a rain shower, but as the weather cleared out, so did the doves - leaving some time to visit and share fellowship while in the field. Shooting teams consisted of an uncle and his nephew, a grandfather and two granddaughters, a mother and son, a father and son and a few assorted wingshooters. After the hunt, the doves were cleaned and prepared for a future meal while the kids that had been serving as retrievers in the dove field, were now able to play together in the Lowcountry outdoors while loving on the hunting dogs of Deux Cheneaux.

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