Sunday, September 1, 2013

Drake / Field Experts - September goose opening day success

Jeff Dennis and Daryl Hodge with opening day harvest
Blake Hodge working the video and the goose call
A variety of wingshooting sports kick off in September, but waterfowlers love the early Cananda goose season during the entire month of September. Hunters must possess both a federal duck stamp and a state duck permit; with funds from each license sale going towards conservation. Hunting hours are thirty minutes before sunrise until sunset, and scouting for early season geese often is very revealing about when and where to hunt them. Since these largely resident geese will bounce from pond to pond and visit multiple grain fields, its safe to say that they change up their routine almost daily.  Our four man hunting party set out eight Canada goose decoys and let Blake Hodge use his Banded Brand goose call to reel in the geese. Two of Drake Waterfowl's Field Experts in S.C. teamed up to harvest a few early season honkers in the Lowcountry. Daryl Hodge of Lancaster is the SE Flyway manager for Drake Field Experts, and Jeff Dennis is the Lowcountry's Drake Field Expert. Hodge and son run the Wrecking Crew guide service. The shooting was on target for the most part and everyone scratched out a goose, getting the season off to a good start. Cleaning the geese and making use of the game meat was the final step in the hunt plan. Football season demands much attention, and like a hotly contested game, this hunt was just the opening kick off of what is sure to be four quarters worth of September honker hunts!

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