Wednesday, September 11, 2013

East Coast Drive Camp at Barnsley Plantation

Red road and Rock were no match for Tundra
As a long-time owner of a Toyota Tacoma, it was exciting to travel to North Georgia and test-drive the new 2014 prototype of Toyota Tundra pickup truck. Lodging in Adairsville at Barnsley Gardens Resort, we were able to take advantage of winding roads in the foothills for scenic driving tests, and the uneven red clay and rock areas were good for off-road trials. The half-ton Tundra pickem'up truck drove like a sports car on the scenic roads, and it hardly knew that I was taking it over rough ground at the off-road course!! The Tundra debuted in 1999 and has grown larger since the original design, making it a half-ton pick up today. These trucks are Made in the USA in at a plant in San Antonio, and for 2014 Tundra will come in five different grades. The newest, more Western grade, is dubbed the '1794' edition - named after the founding of the ranch in Texas where the plant is now located. The new EnTune audio and video system in the center of the dashboard brings the latest technology into the cab of the 2014 Tundra with satellite radio, bluetooth phone and access to all your favorite Apps too. Also, new for 2014 is the distinctive stamp of Tundra into the tailgate.

 North Georgia church seemed like a good photo op
To view the entire feature article in the newspaper click on Colletonian.

2014 Tundra Specs

2013 East Coast Drive Camp!!

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