Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Migration Nation TV films Duck Hunts in the Carolinas

Scot Waggoner, Blake Hodge, Matt Floyd,
Drake Field Expert Daryl Hodge and Producer Daniel Sample
Filming in a duck blind at Blackwater Outdoors
Duck hunting season and the world of outdoor television crossed paths recently in the Lowcountry. Drake Waterfowl Systems out of Mississippi is a popular choice for waterfowl enthusiasts seeking functional camo clothing. Their Migration Nation television show is broadcast nationwide and is currently filming their seventh season. Drake dispatched field producer Daniel Sample to the Carolinas, working with regional co-hosts Daryl and Blake Hodge, to capture the diversity of waterfowling found along the coast.
Outstanding retriever work was caught on camera!
For those not familiar with Drake Camo I can share that they have found a crossover appeal with hunters that is not limited to duck hunters. For example, at the recent Grand American coon dog hunting festival at the Orangeburg Fairgrounds, I’d say at least a quarter of the attendees were wearing Drake camo. Drake co-founder Tate Wood makes customer satisfaction and high-quality garments a priority.

“We went up to Albemarle Sound for the North Carolina hunt,” said Daryl Hodge. “The wind was howling one day and we had to hug the marsh, which didn’t produce much footage. The next day we were able to get into a blind on big water and scratched out some scoters and a tundra swan. After the hunt we shot some video talking about the history of the Outer Banks area.”

A Drake ringneck for Matt Floyd
The MLK holiday of January 18 was the date chosen to film the S.C. hunt at Rimini along Lake Marion. Blackwater Outdoors owner Matt Floyd and his brother and property manager Michael Floyd welcomed our group to come hunt ringneck ducks in their 148-acre flooded impoundment. As a Drake Field Expert in S.C. I was asked to attend the hunt and to speak on camera. And Scot Waggoner and his Chesapeake Bay retriever were on hand to complete the all-important retrieval work for any downed ducks. To view more photos from the hunt click here.

Some might call it a Ringneck Wrecking!
We finished a great hunt with a five-man limit of ringnecks and were out of the pond by 10 a.m. so that other ducks that were still working the area could come in to feed and rest. Back at the trucks we took some time to make photos and share fellowship about the hunt, while Sample filmed more interviews. Duck season finishes up in S.C. on January 31, and the next season of Drake's Migration Nation begins airing in the Fall of 2016, so stay tuned! 

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We enjoyed fellowship during filming of Migration Nation

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