Friday, January 1, 2016

Birding Journal Observations - November / December 2015

Great Blue Heron and Downtown Charleston vista
Looking back at the weather during the past two years during November and December, the end of 2015 saw warm almost tropical temperatures that were in sharp contrast to previous COLD. One constant has been the wet weather, as the Lowcountry enters is third consecutive wet winter. This signals a pattern of wet weather, which helps to solidify observations from past winters when droughty conditions prevailed. Those with bird feeders filled with seed already know that warm temperatures and wet weather make it much more difficult to attract songbirds to your yard.

Carolina chickadee depiction
Birding observations were slow so my one remarkable sighting was the entrance of a Great Horned Owl into an open field at dusk on December 1. I saw the grand raptor in flight and knew right away it was a top-tier predator based on size. It landed in the top of a pine tree and I was able to verify via binoculars the twin tufts on his head, before it continued on its way to look for a nighttime snack.

Other observations include cardinal, turfed titmouse, Carolina wren, white-breasted nuthatch, yellow-bellied sapsucker, blackbirds, red-bellied woodpecker and cedar waxwings. Note that the cedar waxwings are usually a harbinger of spring (and not winter) and it's also worth noting that many plants were in bloom in late December such as azaleas during the warm and wet weather that set a week of record-high temps (avg. 80) during the week of Christmas.

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