Thursday, January 14, 2016

2016 Grand American - Redbone Coon Hound is Overall Hunt Winner

The Treeing Contest simulates a coon hunt
The United Kennel Club, or UKC, held their 51st edition of the Grand American in Orangeburg on January 8 – 10. Cloudy weather and light drizzle didn’t dampen attendance one bit on Friday or Saturday as the Orangeburg Fairgrounds were again pumped up to full capacity with hound dogs and fans of coon hunting. After the two-night hunt competition it was a Redbone from Virginia that took home the title of Overall Hunt Winner.
Good on ya Lowcountry!
Coon dog owners from South Carolina and from states across the Eastern U.S. visit the Lowcountry each year for the annual January hunt contest. A lot has to go right to win the Overall Competition, because after winning your cast on Friday night and Saturday night, you still have to compete and win the final round. These coon dog hunts are conducted at night, so the winner’s ceremony takes place at 3 a.m. on Sunday morning after the Saturday night finals competition. The Overall Hunt Winner redbone hound is named Cooke’s Mack Attack and is owned by Curtis Cooke of Norton, Virginia. 

All the winners from the Grand American will be featured in American Cooner magazine, one of the sponsors of the event. There is an emphasis on youth hunting among coon hunters that is always great to see, and this includes a Youth Bench Show at the Grand American. The love of coon hounds and the hunting heritage that they stand for is being passed along to the next generation here, just one of the reasons that make the Grand American a great annual hunt and show.
The Bench Show is a test of dog discipline

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Large crowds pack the Fairgrounds on Saturday

Overall Hunt Winner - UKC photo

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