Saturday, January 5, 2013

2013 Grand American and Coon Fest

2013 embroidery with coon hound

2013 Wild Coon Hunt - Best Pairs Award

You can get ANYTHING here

Coon by Walterboro artist Carl Wilson
The United Kennel Club  (UKC) and Amercian Cooner brought the 48th Grand American Hunt and Coon Fest back to Orangeburg on January 4 and 5. Entire families turn out to show their support of coon hounds and hog dogs and the two-day attendance can total 30,000 folks or more! The UKC is headquartered in Kalamazoo, Michigan and the UKC brings dog dealers and outfitters to S.C. from states as far away as Texas, Lousiana and Alabama. Of course, plenty of coon hunters from the upstate, midlands and Lowcountry of the Palmetto state show up to hunt, shop, eat and live the coon hunting lifestyle. Bench Show categories include Registered hounds, Dual Champion hounds and Best Pairs. A treeing contest at the County Fairgrounds on Friday is followed by two nights of coon hunting competitions with plenty of trophies and cash on the line. During the day, dog sales are a big part of the draw, with plenty of 'horse trading' going on concerning the prices for individual coon hounds. An amazing array of hunting related gear is on sale including muck boots, briar chaps, GPS dog collars, head lamps and of course dog leads of every conceivable length and color. Their is coon artwork, specialty coon craft items, pick up truck dog boxes and of course the apparel that broadcasts which kind of dog you prefer. For example, I Coon Hunt with Blue Tick Hounds, can be found on license plates, t-shirts and hats. Whether you prefer a Plott's, Redbone, Treeing Walker or English coon hound - the Grand American has something for everyone!

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