Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Quail hunt with Red Fish Brand

Curtis Hart before entering the quail woods
The Lowcountry Marsh and Field clothing outfitter known as Red Fish Brand is serious about getting out to enjoy hunting and fishing traditions. What began with a quest to reignite America's passion for the cotton duck hunting jacket, has expanded into functional pants, shirts, belts and the new waist coat or cotton duck vest. Stepping into the upland pine woods in search of bobwhite quail, each step on the upland trail holds unknown dividends but lots of anticipation. This first-time English setter owner, enjoyed Curtis Hart's descriptions of the bird dogs he owned in the past. Some things never change regarding the admiration of these working dogs, even though some days require a healthy dose of understanding that the  bird dogs are not perfect. Leather boots and leather gloves were put to the test during the hunt, and stories about favorite shotguns were shared. The sighting of a mighty buck that had stayed safe during deer season gave us pause to give thanks for all the blessings of the Lowcountry. Cold weather is the best time to enjoy the double-thick Red Fish Brand Field Trial Waist Coat. The wet conditions of the woods hampered the flight of the pen-raised quail this day, limiting the harvest of birds for the frying pan, but we will endeavor to try and try again while quail season continues.

Red Fish Brand jacket and waist coat after the hunt

Cotton Duck cloth garments made locally

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