Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lowcountry Saltwater Fishing Report - 1/22/2013

Fishing Report for the Coastal Lowcountry of South Carolina:

Tim Schryver with an 11-pound sheepshead
Charleston Inshore Report: Scott Hammond at Haddrell's Point West share what we all knew - those warm temperatures could not last forever in January! The silver lining is that since water temps had warmed up a bit during that week of Indian Summer temps, now the cooling back off period is setting off another flurry of trout action. For quality trout results, remember to fish creek mouths and shell rakes in 4 to 8-feet of water with moving current. Several trout in the 20 to 23-inch range have been caught using a free-lined DOA shrimp. Also the local Trout Trick is a go-to bait, and Zman 4-inch paddlerz remain popular. Sheepshead reports are still good using fiddlers and live shrimp while fishing around heavy structure anywhere from 6 to 25-feet deep. Some stud sheepies that meet the ten-pound mark have been caught! Redfish reports have them schooled up in large numbers, which is the same trait that inspired locals to call them 'channel bass' in winter. Though they are experiencing 'lock-jaw' in these colder temps, we know that it won't be long before the S.C. redfish begin to chew again. Keep your live minnows and cut mullet close when that happens, and maybe some Gulp jerkshads. Scott has new colors for Gulps including the Punk Prawn, Satay Chicken and BBQ sandwich. Sounds like a smorgasboard in Scott's neck of the woods! For all the latest seminars and information visit the Internet at Haddrell's Point.

David Peralta at the West Ashley location of The Charleston Angler shares that the last few weeks have been a roller coaster of warm and then cold temps, but that the schooling redfish on the flats continue to consistently stretch out fishing lines! Look for a combination of of low tide, high sun, and light wind to almost guarantee lots of shots at hungry fish. If you don't see any fish, make long casts and hop / drag a Z-man Paddlerz along the bottom with a 1/8-ounce flutter hook. My favorite color for this fishing is the Houdini but we have been selling a lot of Bad Shad and Redbone colors lately. Trout fishing has been good regardless of up or down temps, and customers report catching at least a dozen nice ones every trip using the Slayer Swim Tail and 1/4-ounce jighead. Other plastics that are working fine are the Z-man Minnowz, DOA shad tail and Gulp. Make sure to fish around current and keep the jig near the bottom. Don't rule out a flounder this time of year either, since David picked up enough for Sunday dinner just last week! Farther up the Cooper River the catfish are biting well and that is a good way to spend some fishing time when the flats are blown out. A few reports of shad are beginning to trickle in, so it's not too early to get after them before the crowds show up. For all the latest seminar information visit the Internet at Charleston Angler.

Offshore Report: David says to get your offshore gear in order, since it won't be long until spring trolling season is here.

Scott reports that calm weather allowed offshore anglers to go out on the big pond recently. Trolling reports consisting of lots of bonita biting along the ledge, and some wahoo coming from 250 to 400-feet of water. High-speed trolling for wahoo is working the best, but overall the wahoo bite is nothing like the fantastic all-winter bite experienced last year. Reef fishing reports remain the same in that it is tough to get past the phalanx of black sea bass in order to catch a fish you can keep, like black drum and sheepshead. Looking for a drag screaming challenge on light tackle? Grab your spinning gear and get to 60-feet of water and look for the false albacore schooling on top of the water. Small silver spoons and casting jigs are a can't fail option for these silver bullets, and pound for pound they offer one of the best sporting and rod-bending options during winter.

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  1. Trout and sheepies make for a good dinner!

    Good reports, no one will find them here. Why not post them on a forum like at Salt Water Sportsman (http://forums.saltwatersportsman.com/forumdisplay.php?102-U.S.-East-Coast-Fishing-Reports). Just a thought...

  2. Sounds like a grand idea. Thanks for the tip. I do post them at www.SCoutdoornews.com!


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