Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2013 Lowcountry Hunt - hunt weekend story

Tally Ho during the Lowcountry Hunt fox hunt
Barry Limehouse and little Barry in the saddle
The annual hunt weekend of the Lowcountry Hunt fox hunting club was held January 17 – 20. Fox hunting enthusiasts from multiple states came to Colleton County to experience a Lowcountry fox hunt on three plantations. In a classic example of how conservation is feeding the local economy, the fox hounds gave full cry when viewing wild game like a coyote or a fox, and the visiting hunters on horseback were right behind them. Friday's hunt at Hayne Hall was sponsored by host Parker Tuten. Saturday's hunt at Ravenwood was sponsored by host Nina Burke. Sunday's hunt at Airy Hall was hosted by Buck Limehouse. Each of these hosts are an example of a person who cares enough about the sport of foxhunting to entertain guests from out of town at their homes, for the benefit of the sport. And we're not talking just a few guests either. The fox hunt on Friday saw 99 hunters on horseback!! This event is a major fundraiser for the Lowocuntry Hunt, and it features three plantations in Colleton County, home to the ACE Basin and a strong conservation and preservation ethic - which in turn bolsters the local economy.

The field gathers and is ready to HUNT!

Fox cupcake and Lowcountry Hunt logo
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