Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Colleton County - Conservation ALERT

A new round of 'public input' meetings concerning the proposed 2020 Land Use PLan is underway in Colleton County. Of particular concern is the proposed "RD-1" zoning that will allow TWO UNITS PER ACRE in this newly expanded zone that surrounds the City of Walterboro. The County notified its citizens just one week ago that the public meetings would be held this week and next. Unfortunately the County does not seem concerned that this might be considered "short notice" for many of Colletons working-class citizens who are family farm acreage owners. Attending the FIRST of the public meetings in Smoaks on Tuesday the 12th, I was not surprised to find that NO ONE showed up to speak with County officials. I wrote down my concerns about the 2020 Land Use Plan and voiced that I DO NOT APPROVE of the increased chance for development in rural, agricultural areas of Colleton County. Other public input meetings will follow from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. on :
Wednesday May 12 @ Bells Fire Station
Thursday May 13 @ Islandton Fire Station
Friday May 14th @ Cottageville Fire Station
Monday May 17th @ Green Pond Fire Station
Tuesday May 18th @ Walterboro Museum
Wednesday May 19th @ Edisto Civic Center

For more background information on the Land Use Plan please read the story that I wrote in the Spring of 2009. NOTE: At that time "RD-1" was being called 'Rural Agriculture'

PhotoByJeffDennis: A close-up of the proposed "RD-1" zone in light coloring that surrounds Walterboro (shown in black) and its TWO UNITS PER ACRE zoning. This greatly expands the area where Colleton County officials would like for population growth to occur (in a rural and pastoral section) rather than in the urban hubs like Cottageville and Walterboro

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