Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fly Fishing Film Tour Returns to Terrace Theatre

The much-anticipated return of the 2011 Fly Fishing Film Tour happened on April 1, and the raw fishing footage shown on the big screen was NO April Fools. Thad Robinson and the F3T crew aired a video of them traversing Mexico in search of fish, despite the imminent danger of being a caucasian fly fishing angler. Another great video short was fly fishing in the Florida Keys for permit, and the almost addictive nature of searching the flats for these solitary fish. Yet another video featured winter time redfishing in the marshes of Louisiana, but Lowcountry anglers did not bat an eye at the redfish found on that film as BIG redfish are nearly an everyday occurence in the Lowcountry Outdoors. The Fly Fishing Film Tour sponsored by Costa is all about providing a smorgasbord of fly fishing perspectives and the video of the night was turned in by those seeking out Musky! Some exceptional video footage captured their encounter with a 'grown one' that made everyone's heart race - and the hooked-up angler did a good job of conveying his excitement for the viewers to enjoy. To view an excerpt from the musky film click here.

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VideoByJeffDennis: The introduction from the F3T road crew at the 4/1 screening

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