Friday, May 25, 2012

2012 G'town Gov. Cup - Fishing Report

Greg Smith on the Blue Sky

Tideline Outfitters oyster shell camo on the bluewater

Gov. Cup's Wally Jenkins with a mahi at the weigh-in

A Shearwater is checking out the bait spread
Ocean conditions were near perfect for fishing on the first day of the 2012 Governor's Cup Billfishing Series out of Georgetown Landing Marina. The wind layed down overnight on Wednesday night at the marina, and despite some close-together swells on the way to the fishing grounds, the ocean conditions were ripe for billfishing. The Gulf stream's blue waters were never clearer, and lots of weedlines were available for the 36-boat sportfishing fleet to troll for billfish, and meatfish too. Riding along on the Blue Sky, I can report two-foot ocean waves with very little whitecaps, and plenty of scattered grass to keep the mates busy clearing lines. Smaller dolphin were available, but not targeted on this day, as the fleet sought out blue marlin, white marlin and sailfish. The committee boat reports when Lines are In at 8 a.m. for fishing and when they must be removed at 3 p.m. - signaling the time to return to port for boat-cleaning, a weigh-in and fellowship with the Georgetown community. The coordination between the Georgetown Landing Marina, the Hampton Inn and Land's End restaurant make this stop on the Gov. Cup Series a unique and pleasant experience.

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