Friday, May 11, 2012

2012 Redfish Lodge CCA Summit - Day Two

What's better than one trout?

Pat Murray, Ted Venker and Matt Paxton of CCA and Bruce Culpepper

Time to FISH !!
The Coastal Conservation Association's Habitat Program is firing on all cylinders over in the Gulf waters off of Texas and Louisiana. CCA has great leadership from their general counsel Bob Hayes, and they have chosen wisely when it comes to project partners like Shell Oil. Rest assured that CCA is active in Washington, D.C. as well, ever mindful of how quick the whitecaps can kick up in political waters. With 2012 being a Presidential election year, politics are in focus for CCA, and their team of advocates will be watching to make inroads for marine conservation where possible. Here in South Carolina, Senator Jim DeMint could be a strong leader for for fisheries as his committee will decide reauthorization of the Magnuson Stevenson Act in the year 2013, and Congressman Jeff Duncan is outspoken on the behalf of sportsmen. Day Two at the Redfish Lodge did allow for a bit more angling and those who ventured into the windy waters were able to wrangle some more trout, flounder and redfish to complete the grand slam on what was a terrific summit of sharing optimism concerning the future of recreational fishing.
Trout in front of the Redfish Lodge with Craig Nyhus

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