Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Costa debuts Double Haul, renews CCA support

Double Haul Costas and a Texas redfish

Costa sunglasses represent a coastal lifestyle to many, and they have a variety of frames to fit each individual's taste. For the angling community, Costa is a big part of their everyday on-the-water routine. Costa supports recreational anglers by partnering with CCA to raise awareness about preservation of marine resources.... more on this in a moment. The new Double Haul frame-name alludes to the fly fishing casting technique that allows cautious anglers to try and place a fly near an approaching gamefish - how exciting! The frames offer full coverage, i.e. they are wide and tall, which serves to block out the sun AND the wind. During a two-day fishing excursion in Texas, where the wind was howling, I found that while my face became red with 'windburn' my eyes had largely been spared any 'dry eye' feeling. The Double Haul frames are comfortable with a padded nosepiece and they also offer padding where the arm touches the ears. The end of the arm is a bit wide for a slip-over croakie, but they come with a hole which is perfect for 'rigging' with a fisherman's choice monofilament leash! Most anglers are 'comfortable' with the usual frame colors of black or tortoise, but Costa is now offering a new option - clear frames. The clear frame really accents the mirror blue 580G lenses, setting up what someone described as an 'Elton John' look, and who wouldn't want to look distinctive while holding onto a Texas-sized redfish?!
Besides making a splash with new frames, Costa has produced a partnership with country crooner Kenny Chesney to sell five popular sunglass styles (with Chesney's signature), that will raise funds for the Coastal Conservation Association. CCA has already received a check from Costa for $50K and I had a chance to visit with Texas-based CCA President Pat Murray. "We love that the CCA fishing-oriented lifestyle and Costa can work together to conserve our marine resources, and we are also grateful to Kenny Chesney," said Murray. The five frames available right now for the CCA benefit program are the Hammerhead, Caballito, Switchfoot, Hammock and Maya. Distinctive color combos will include tortoise and light green, and clear and light blue. The equation is simple; wear Costas and support CCA while having fun on the water looking for fish!

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CCA Pres. Pat Murray, Singer Kenny Chesney, 
Costa's Amanda Perryman,with Brett Palmer. Photo By Wilson Roe
Costa Double Haul - side view

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